Queen's Guard


The Queen’s Guard was formed after the signing of the Treaty of TrĂ©ville, ending the hundred year war against the Golemites. With the hostilities ended, the Confederacy’s multi-generational professional military was left unoccupied. Much of the army was dissolved, Queen Zerika ordered a small core force reassigned to the newly formed Queen’s Guard.

The official duties of the Queen’s Guard involve the security of the Queen’s person as well as the royal properties. Rumors abound that the Queen’s Guard have been called on for more discreet missions, but there is no official record of this.

The current state of the Queen’s Guard is in question. The Queen’s Assassination under the Guard’s watch has led to investigations of treason from members of the Guard. Six members are currently being sought for questioning, including Edward Euwert Bathington III and his manservant Pip, Grimrock Hammersmith, and Valanthe. The remaining Guard has been dissolved and reassigned.

Queen's Guard

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