Group Template

Group Template:

Concept: Queen’s guard that has been disgraced/disbanded after Queen’s assassination. The guard was implicated, first big goal is whodunit.

Group Composition:

Gina: Valanthe. Pre-Guard Posting: Artillery. Warlock.

Karen: Pip: young male halfling (as far as everyone knows). Pre-Guard Posting: Manservant to Edward Euwert Bathington III. Smells like onions at all times. Rogue.

Matt: Edward Euwert Bathington III. Pre-Guard Posting: Lieutenant of Mobile Crossbow Unit. Poor excuse of an officer, but from a staunchly loyal family that bought/bred his way into this position. Sharpshooter Fighter.

Phil: Grimrock Hammersmith: Pre-Guard Posting: Heavy Infantry. Trained as a priest, drawn into the fighting in the war, front line infantry with a predilection for hammers. Cleric.


1. In brief, what will our group be when the game starts?

Disgraced/Dishonored Queen’s Guard

2. When and how did the characters first meet?

Same training cohort of the Guard, except a servant Halfling.

3. Are the character located in the same place or willing to travel to a common meeting place?

If not, how will the characters be brought together for the game?
Group is together, seeking answers about the assassination/their disbandment/the false accusations against them.

4. What major events have they shared in their past?

Hell week (basic training), all in attendance for summit for signing of armistice in war against
Golemites. Different posts during the war, but as award for distinguished service everyone was invited to the summit. (Matt is a distant nephew of the empress).

5. On a personal level, what keeps the characters together?

Generations of career soldiers, but now there’s no war; large untrained, unemployed workforce, party some of few allowed into Queen’s guard, a small and mostly ceremonial force. Soldiers seen as not having pliable skills. Desire to find out who assassinated the queen/who disgraced them. Entire party is implicated because they had a job when others did not, and accusations suggest they were implicated in the Queen’s assassination. They were on duty when assassination happened.

6. What goals are shared by all of the characters?

Whodunit. Clear our name. Screwed by association. Make money, get b****.

7. Is there enough moral agreement among the characters to keep them from abhorring each other?

8. Is there any potential conflict between character personalities, goals, or ethics that could become so great the plot will fizzle out or players will be excluded?

Group Template

Dishonoured Carados