World/Group Building Document

Game concept:
Queen’s guard that has been disgraced/disbanded after Queen’s assassination. The guard was implicated, first big goal is whodunit.
• Magical Steampunk.

World Makeup:
I. Economy
II. Government: used to have a senate that is now marginalized, a house of representatives of vassal states, that has become a puppet for the centralized govt, occupying space for true loyalists of the vassal states to represent their vassal states.
A. Crime & the Legal System

  • B.* Foreign Relations
    C. Politics
    D. War: Cessation of hostilities, but assassination has left a power vacuum. War started the need for an alliance/confederacy with the queen announcing herself empress upon an announcement of victory. 20 years ago the war ended.
    1. War set off by previous core state, Elven state, who bit off more than they could chew expansion.
    III. The Land: Large metropolitan, Capital City of Empire.
    A. Physical & Historical Features:
    1. Parks, royal gardens and cultured wilderness, backyard hunting ground, some that the poor has taken over and turned into farming land/camping ground.
    2. The Docks, River running through the city.
    3. “Railway” attached to industrial district “Blakeian Hellhole,”
    4. Wealthy area, minor/major nobility as well as noveau riche, “fancy brothels,” gated community on its own island, have to cross bridges keeping the poor folks out.
    5. Slums, shitty projects, New Orleans.
    6. Distillery District, alcohol producing area near Industrial area.
    7. Science/University District with a clockwork tower in the center. Among the academics, magic is thought of as scientific, among poor its superstitious.
    8. Religion the old hat, favored by queen but continuously in disfavor with rise of steampunk and her death. A temple district falling into disrepair.
  • I.* Mechanical monks designed to pray for the Queen perpetually.
    II. Uprising call to religion by under-class a la Shenoute.
    III. Erathis (founder of cities, writer of law) seen as god of industry, Malora (original predominant religion with tension against rise of steampunk), maybe Pelor.
    9. Prison, on its own island like the wealthy district (but far away), functions like Arkham.
    10. Underground area, tunnels that’s not just a sewer but a system of tunnels. There have been other civs there previously the ruins are now tunnels under the city of cultures in their golden age, like the tunnels underneath Paris.
    I. *Crime Syndicate: multiple gangs, mostly lower class but some upper class involvement. Religious, racial, area, etc. Axe Gang.
    Climate & Geography: City on the Coast, Delta area. Prone to plagues and diseases. Warm and humid, moist all the time, lots of mold.
  • 1.* Natural Resources: Center of trade, manufacturing center, fishing/whaling and shipping industry, distillery. Parisian/New Orleans/Houston kind of thing.
    C. Population:
    1. Human city with some level of racism to other races
    I. Queen was really progressive towards acceptance of other races, possibly part of why she was assassinated.
    I. This is why non-humans would be in guard.
    II. Racial “ghettos” or districts.
    2. Industrial Labor, people working in mills.
    D. Rural Factors
    E. Urban Factors
    IV. Society & Culture
    A. *Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
    B. Calendar
    C. Daily Life
    D. Diet
    1. Dining Customs
    E. Education
    F. Ethics & Values
    G. Fashion & Dress
  • H.* History
    I. Language
    1. Gestures
    J. Manners
    K. Meeting & Greeting
    L. Religion & Philosophy
    M. Social Organization
    1. Empire.
    I. Queen was assassinated, evil regent.
    II. Lots of political factions
    III. Populist, Conservative, Reformist factions. There can be multiple of each, but these would be the basis of the groups. (technocrats could be reformers, etc.)
    IV. Confederate state for different races. New regent is pushing militarism. Independent states wanted to break but weren’t allowed to, central government disallows them to do so.
  • a.* Rebellion of exterior states.
    b. Queen may have been sympathetic to conservative policies and was going to cement the wartime powers.
    V. Enemy of the empire, clockwork army. Race of constructs, heavily othered, across ocean.
    N. Specific Countries
    O. Visits
    V. Magic & Science
    A. Magic & Magicians
    1. Magic & Technology: Small percentage of population has magical talent, leads to engineering process and industrialization of magical energy.
    2. Rules of Magic
    3. Wizards
    B. Medicine
    C. Science & Technology
    D. Transportation & Communication

Creature Type Prevalence:
Dragons/Outsiders/Devas: rare.

Undead: growing in prevalence with plagues, etc. Erathis’ clerics are highly ineffective against undead, Malora’s very effective.

Goblinoid: one of the territories, not an enemy of civilized races, used for cheap labor in city.

Giants: savage, outside system, located in peripheral states of the confederacy.

Golemites: Race of sentient automatons, peripheral, across the ocean.

World/Group Building Document

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